Resources » Reading Quiz - The Great Flood (Genesis 7:6-24)

  • March 8th, 2013

This reading quiz is taken from the "Bet You Can" reading challenge from Genesis 7:6-24 (page 10 in the Deep Blue Kids Bible).

These questions help children comprehend what they've read.

The "Jump In" questions can be answered directly from the book and have one correct answer. The reader can return to the text to find the correct answer.

The "Dive Deeper" questions are inferential. These types of questions use the book as a foundation but children also use their brain power. Their answer is based on a little of what they already know, their original thinking, and help from the book. There is no one right answer to this type of question. You cannot predict what the reader will say, and the answer will take more than two words to explain.

The "Grow Stronger" questions, or critical questions, do not require the book to answer.

Children can take these quizzes on their own as part of their Bible study, or these questions also are a great tool for parents and other adults to start meaningful conversations with their kids about the Bible stories and the children's experiences with scripture.