• I’ve spent some time looking through the Deep Blue Kids Bible. Although the 3D elements or the continuity characters might appeal to kids, I like the call-outs. The interesting facts and contemporary commentary will provide a continuing source of in-depth information and relatable content. There will always be new facts to discover and ideas to think about.  Isn’t that what we want when kids dig into God’s Word?"

    — Dr. Mary Manz Simon, Educator & Children’s Market Specialist
  • My 4th and 5th grade Sunday School class at Spirit of Hope UMC in Golden Valley, Minnesota, has been using the CEB, and it is really terrific for the group. They read it confidently with occasional prompts for unusual names and places. Now instead of saying "skip me" when we go around the circle to read, they volunteer to be Scripture Reader and want to keep going through entire passages! A beautiful change. Thank you for the fine work on the Deep Blue. It is an amazing Bible for children and youth (and me)!"

    — Meredythe Jones, Sunday School Teacher
  • I absolutely love the Deep Blue Kids Bible.  It is a wonderful resource for parents who wish to have a devotional time with their children.  The chapter overview and the Life Preserver sections are all they need to have a meaningful discussion with a child of any age.  We are using the Deep Blue Kids Bible as our main teaching resource for our Sunday night children's ministry.  I am making a general outline for the leaders but the Bible is the curriculum. Isn't that the way it should be?"

    — Theresa Reiter, Director of Children’s Ministry, First United Methodist Church, Lakeland, Florida
  • I love the fact that my children can open up an actual translation of the Bible, find a verse in it, read it, and be able to understand what the meaning of that verse is. It makes a difference to me, and I think it makes a difference for my children, too."

    — Laura Beth, Mom & Homeschool Teacher
  • At first, we thought the Deep Blue Kids Bible was your typical children’s Bible. You know, a Bible with a few fun illustrations and activities.

    But it’s so. much. more."

    — Christian Stay At Home Moms, CSAHM.COM
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